Our time together and correspondence will be a much smoother and more enjoyable experience when you understand and abide by my rules.

Things You Should Do

These things are expected of everyone who wishes to book a date with me. Follow these simple rules if you want to make a good first impression.


Read My Website

Please read my entire website before contacting me. This will usually answer some of your questions and give you a better idea of what you can expect from our date and what is expected of you.


Give Accurate Info

When filling out my form for screening, always give me the complete and accurate information I ask for. I will cancel all scheduled dates and stop communication if you use fake or deceptive information.


Provide References

I accept references from other companions. If you’ve never seen a companion and don’t have references, please provide me with employment information when filling out my screening form.


Be Punctual

This includes arriving on time for our dates and communicating with me through email, text messages, and phone calls. Never arrive late or early to our dates without getting my okay first.



Always arrive to our dates freshly showered and groomed. Cleanliness and good personal hygiene will go a long way in establishing a respectful, lasting relationship that we both will enjoy.


Leaving Donations

At the start of our time together, please be kind enough to leave the donation in plain sight in an unsealed envelope, gift bag, or thoughtful card.

Things You Should NEVER Do

These things are never allowed, and violating them will usually result in canceling any scheduled dates we have and cutting off all communications.


Ask About Services

I provide companionship services. I don’t have a “menu” or list of services I provide. Do not ask or imply about services or anything sexual in nature. You will be blocked if you do so.


Ask About Rates

My rates/donations are listed on my website. If you’ve followed my Etiquette, you’ve read my website. If you’ve read my website, then you’ve seen my rates. Our communications together should never mention rates.


Show Up Unannounced

Arriving to our date late is always frowned upon, but arriving unannounced or showing up to our date early is never permitted without first letting me know.